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Guru Arjan Dev Ji Assembley

I would like to share with you an amazing assembly that happened. On 16th June Sikhs remember the martyrdom of Guru Arjan.  As a school we learnt about Guru Arjan as part of a ‘Freedom of Conscience’ day.

In an extended assembly staff shared their own personal messages, thoughts and journeys relating to freedom and what freedom meant to them. This helped students to understand and make the connection between what happened to Guru Arjan and what is still happening in many places around the world today. It enlightened them with regard to what freedom today actually means and the part each one of us has to play in that freedom. It was such a powerful message and the assembly touched me deeply.

Our students were outstanding in their singing, their poems, their drama and their individual contributions. Often in our busy lives we forget to thank the people around us who we take for granted. Today,  however, our students wanted to say thank you to our  amazing  staff who are always willing to go the extra mile for them, regularly giving up their breaks, Saturdays and holidays to provide additional support. The assembly ended with students publically thanking each member of staff for their tireless hard work, encouragement and support and presenting each of them with a handwritten scroll and a rose. Today we all truly witnessed what ‘beyond the academic, beyond the individual and beyond selflessness’ means.

car washing

The Y9 students all donated their pocket money to pay for ice creams for every child at lunch time in addition to volunteering to give Sava by washing staff cars as an additional thank you.

The Kitchen staff also prepared cold Milk shakes at break (similar to what would be served in India on this day) as well as a special menu at lunch time. A lot of hard work had gone into the planning and delivery of the day to make us all aware of Guru Arjan’s sacrifice so that we can enjoy our freedom today.

What a wonderful way to share a very important message.


Great Charter Festival

On Sunday 14th June, School Ambassadors represented KSA at the Great Charter Festival hosted by Royal Holloway, University of London. We were the only school invited to meet and greet visitors to the event. – (photo 1)Magna_Carta_Collage

“It was lovely to have students from Khalsa Secondary Academy volunteer at the Great Charter Festival! They were extremely helpful handing out programmes and directing visitors. It was a pleasure to meet them all and we hope they had a fun day at Royal Holloway.” – Diana Edmunds, organiser of the Great Charter Festival (photo 2)

Professor Phillips, Head of History at the university who is coming to speak to Year 7 about the Crusades (photo 3)

Copies of the Magna Carta have been transcribed on vellum for each county of the United Kingdom

by the Knights Templar (photos 4 and 5)

Floral bouquets representing each county in the United Kingdom in the Chapel (photo 6)

Debate Invitational at Eton College

Jasnoor Kaur, Anjali Dutta, Amrit Randhawa and Simran Wran, of the newly formed KSA Debate squad, were privileged to have the opportunity to attend a debate competition at Eton College on Monday 8th of June. In the lead-up to the event, the girls spent 24 hours preparing possible responses and tactics, and familiarising themselves with the structure of a British Parliamentary style debate, and were eager and ready when the afternoon finally arrived.In two teams of two, our debaters were put up against Langley Grammar, Slough and Eton College, St. Bernards Grammar and St Joseph’s Grammar, and were to argue the motions this house should abolish the Monarchy and this house should abolish the consumption of alcohol.Both teams performed outstandingly well in their debates, with Jasnoor and Simran coming 3rd place in their round, and Amrit and Anjali coming in at 1st place in their final debate! Both teams fought their sides to the very end, and were not only eloquent and well researched speakers, they were gracious debaters who made both themselves and Khalsa Secondary Academy incredibly proud.
   Debate Invitational