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KSA Students Achieving Top Grades!

KSA students achieving top grades in AS and GCSE in Punjabi at the end of Key Stage 3

This summer, 5 KSA students sat their first public examinations at either AS level or GCSE level.

Jasneet Kaur, age 14, achieved an A grade at AS level at the end of year 9, while the following students, Prabhjot Basram (age 14) and Jasmeet Basra (age 13) both achieved A* at GCSE with Jasmeet Devsi (age 13) and Roop Cheema (age 13) both achieving A grades at GCSE.

“Congratulations to all 5 students for achieving such high standards,” said Principal Rose Codling.  “We are very proud of them for working so hard to achieve such high standards, especially as they are so young and are sitting public examinations 3 or, in some cases, 4 years earlier than would be expected.”

Rose Codling also went on to add, “Although some students can speak Punjabi as their mother tongue, very few of our students can read and write the language. So this is a real testament of not just their hard work, but also of their teacher in working so hard to prepare them for this.”

KSA will have its official first cohort of students sitting their GCSEs in the summer of 2017.