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Parent Forum Wednesday 29th June 6 pm to 7 pm

Dear Parents,

Our next parent forum this year will be held on Wednesday 29th June and the focus will be on homework and Show My Homework.  All parents are cordially invited to attend.  Mr Plahe and Mr Neta will be available to talk you through how to access Show my Homework and how to monitor your child’s homework.  We look forward to seeing you on the 29th June.
Mrs R Codling

Welcome back letter from Mrs Codling, our Principal

8th June 2016

Dear Parents and Carers,
I would like to welcome everyone back to the start of our final summer term and take the opportunity to share with you a few things that have happened and also draw your attention to the key events that are coming up. As always, we have a busy half term ahead, so please make sure you make a note in your diaries of the upcoming events highlighted at the end of this letter.


On the first day of term, I was delighted to accept delivery of well over 100 text books, to support our Sikh studies programme. I would like to thank Ranjit Gill from Virpurandad Publishers Limited for their most generous donation and for posting these all the way from Canada.

Guru Arjun Dev Ji Martrydom Day

We will be holding a special assembly to commemorate Guru Arjun Dev Ji and the sacrifices he made on Thursday, 16th June.  We will reflect on how the way in which Guru Arjun Dev Ji died changed the course of Sikhism forever. Sikhism today comprises love of God and service of humanity. Wahe guru ji ka Khalsa, Wahe Guru Ji ki Fateh.  Many students have been preparing presentations, hymns and prayers to share in an extended assembly during that morning.
New House System

There was much excitement around the school when we announced the formation of our new house system. The students chose the names inspired by a quote from the Guru Granth Sahib 144:

Tigers, Hawks, Falcons and Eagles – the Master could make them eat grass and those animals who eat grass could be made to eat meat. The Force can make them follow whichever way it wills. It can turn rivers to dryland and deserts to bottomless oceans.  It can appoint a worm as king and reduce an army to ashes.

All creatures live by breathing, but he could make us live without breath.

With the Master all things are possible.” (Guru Granth Sahib: 144)


We felt that this was particularly appropriate to our school ethos, where we believe that nothing is impossible to reach.   All students and staff have been allocated to one of the four houses, with house colours shown below

House Name Colour
Tigers Yellow
Hawks Blue
Falcons Red
Eagles Green


We will be planning a series of inter-house competitions and matches, so watch out for more information.

Banned substance
We have had a small number of students bringing banned items into school. I would like to remind everyone that students are not allowed to bring into the school the following:-

  • Sweets
  • Crisps
  • Fizzy drinks
  • Chewing gum
  • Cigarettes or any type of e-smoking devices such as shisha pens
  • Alcohol
  • BB guns

Please can support us with this by checking your child’s school bag from time to time. Students do not need to bring money to school as this encourages them to buy these things on the way to school.

We will be carrying out spot checks regularly and any student found with any prohibited items will be severely dealt with. We would really appreciate your support in this.

Please find below important dates for this half term and I look forward to seeing you at some of our key events:

W/b 13th June Years 9 and 10 Examinations
W/b 27th June Years 8 & 9 Examinations
Sunday 26th June Summer Mela at Khalsa Primary 12.00 pm –   6.00 pm
Thursday 30th June Year 8 parents evening & governor surgery 4.00 pm –  7.00 pm
Wednesday 6th July New Year 7 parents evening & governor surgery 6.00 pm- 7.30 pm
Saturday 9th July Sports Day with parents & governors 10.00 am – 3.00 pm
Tuesday 19th July School play with parents & governors 6.30 pm – 8.00 pm
Wednesday 20th July End of term assembly with parents & governors 12.00 pm – 1.00 pm

Details of the above events will follow, meanwhile please do make a note of the dates so that you are able to join us.

As always, please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any queries.

With regards,

Yours sincerely,

Mrs R Codling