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Another Round of Fantastic Results – 16 A*

Dear colleagues
Just to let you know we have had another round of fantastic results this week with our first round of GCSEs
17 students in year 10 took their GCSE RE  a year early with 100% pass rate. 16 at A* and 1at A.
4 students took Punjabi again with 100% pass rate at A or above. One as young as Y8.
Congratulations to all our staff and students for all their hard work, particularly Dr Singh and Mrs Bajwa .  These are fantastic results. Very few schools in the country can boast about achieving 100% A’s or above. Not even the grammar schools.
I am so proud of all you as we all have a share in these results. This would not have been possible without the support of the people (parents and staff) both behind the scenes, encouraging and supporting them as well as the staff who taught them, giving up their time freely when ever needed. We have lots to give thanks for and with the Almighty’s  help we will build on this and go from strength to strength.
Congratulations KSA. What a fantastic first year of results.

Congratulations to following students for their outstanding GCSE results – we are immensely proud of their achievement:

Panjabi GCSE

Annika Dhir, age 14, A*

Harveen Sangha, age 13, A

Sahib Singh Randhawa, age 13, A

Harmanjeet Singh, age 15, A

1*, 3A

Religious Studies

Sanmeet Arora, age 15, A*

Harkeerat Bains, age 15,  A*

Prabhjot Basram, age 15, A*

Aman Boparai, age 15, A*

Prianka Chandi, age 15, A*

Manvir Dhinsa, age 15, A*

Manavjot Singh Gill, age 15, A*

Ranveer Singh Kaley, age 15, A*

Jasnoor Kaur, age 15, A*

Tayla Mack, age 15, A*

Jaslin Malhi, age 15, A*

Amrit Kaur Randhawa, age 15, A*

Kirtpal Randhawa, age 15, A*

Ajitpal Sandhu, age 15, A*

Lovepreet Singh, age 15, A*

Bhagat Taunque, age 15, A

Navindeep Thandi, age 15, A*

16*, 1A

Together we are stronger.
Rose Codling

KSA Setting High Standards

 Congratulations to the following students on their outstanding A level results.  The 5 students below all  took  A level exams in Punjabi in June and achieved the following pass grades:

Jasnoor Kaur – A level – (age 15) at A*

Rasneet Kaur Devsi – AS level – (age 14) at A
Prabhjot Basram – AS level – (age 15) at B
Roop Cheema – AS level – (age 14) at B
And Jasmeet Kaur Basra – AS level – (age 14) at C

This is an amazing achievement for these young people some of whom have taken their A level exam 3 years earlier than would normally be expected.
Congratulations to them and their teachers as they have certainly set high standards.