About The Trust

The Khalsa Academies Trust is a Multi Academy Trust which supports local communities to help establish and run Sikh Schools. Members of the Khalsa Academies Trust have been working with the Department for Education for over 13 years.

The Trust has three schools that it manages:

The Khalsa Secondary School in South Bucks which opened in 2013 as a Free School.
The British Sikh School in Wolverhampton which opened in 2015 as a Free School.
The Atam Academy in East London which is planned to open in September 2016.

The new schools are improving local educational opportunities and parental choice by providing new high-achieving schools.
Our aim is to become the leading provider of inclusive Sikh schools which have an enviable reputation for academic achievement, breadth of enrichment opportunities set within a spiritual and caring environment.

Visit the main website www.khalsaacademiestrust.com