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National Commemoration of the Battle of Saraghari

saragahri2Today, Mrs Rose Codling, Principal of Khalsa Secondary Academy, attended the national commemoration of the Battle of Saraghari at the Honourable Artillery Company in London. Keynote speakers included the Rt Hon The Earl Howe, a Minister of Defence and Lord Singh of Wimbledon both of whom emphasised shared British and Sikh values. Also, in attendance was Major General Ben Bathurst of the Household Division. Khalsa Secondary Academy is opening a Combined Cadet Force group next year linked to the Coldstream Guards.

saragahri1Principal Rose Codling says, “This is an inspiring story of 21 British Sikh soldiers from the 36th Regiment who on this day (12 September) in 1897 sacrificed their lives while defending the borders of the Empire from 10,000 Afghan tribesmen. The message is as relevant today as it was then in showing that when we work together we are stronger at fighting injustice wherever it may exist. It was a great way to honour and celebrate their remarkable sacrifice and show our debt of gratitude. We were all very moved when it ended with the Last Post.”

Another Round of Fantastic Results – 16 A*

Dear colleagues
Just to let you know we have had another round of fantastic results this week with our first round of GCSEs
17 students in year 10 took their GCSE RE  a year early with 100% pass rate. 16 at A* and 1at A.
4 students took Punjabi again with 100% pass rate at A or above. One as young as Y8.
Congratulations to all our staff and students for all their hard work, particularly Dr Singh and Mrs Bajwa .  These are fantastic results. Very few schools in the country can boast about achieving 100% A’s or above. Not even the grammar schools.
I am so proud of all you as we all have a share in these results. This would not have been possible without the support of the people (parents and staff) both behind the scenes, encouraging and supporting them as well as the staff who taught them, giving up their time freely when ever needed. We have lots to give thanks for and with the Almighty’s  help we will build on this and go from strength to strength.
Congratulations KSA. What a fantastic first year of results.

Congratulations to following students for their outstanding GCSE results – we are immensely proud of their achievement:

Panjabi GCSE

Annika Dhir, age 14, A*

Harveen Sangha, age 13, A

Sahib Singh Randhawa, age 13, A

Harmanjeet Singh, age 15, A

1*, 3A

Religious Studies

Sanmeet Arora, age 15, A*

Harkeerat Bains, age 15,  A*

Prabhjot Basram, age 15, A*

Aman Boparai, age 15, A*

Prianka Chandi, age 15, A*

Manvir Dhinsa, age 15, A*

Manavjot Singh Gill, age 15, A*

Ranveer Singh Kaley, age 15, A*

Jasnoor Kaur, age 15, A*

Tayla Mack, age 15, A*

Jaslin Malhi, age 15, A*

Amrit Kaur Randhawa, age 15, A*

Kirtpal Randhawa, age 15, A*

Ajitpal Sandhu, age 15, A*

Lovepreet Singh, age 15, A*

Bhagat Taunque, age 15, A

Navindeep Thandi, age 15, A*

16*, 1A

Together we are stronger.
Rose Codling

KSA Setting High Standards

 Congratulations to the following students on their outstanding A level results.  The 5 students below all  took  A level exams in Punjabi in June and achieved the following pass grades:

Jasnoor Kaur – A level – (age 15) at A*

Rasneet Kaur Devsi – AS level – (age 14) at A
Prabhjot Basram – AS level – (age 15) at B
Roop Cheema – AS level – (age 14) at B
And Jasmeet Kaur Basra – AS level – (age 14) at C

This is an amazing achievement for these young people some of whom have taken their A level exam 3 years earlier than would normally be expected.
Congratulations to them and their teachers as they have certainly set high standards.

Vaisakhi Celebratory Speech by Tayla Mack


Value & Self-Reflection


By Tayla Mack Year 10

Today we celebrate the birth of the Khalsa, which happens to be one of the most important dates in the Sikh calendar, but for what reason? In 1699, the Tenth Master chose to challenge each of his followers by asking who, of the many thousand people standing in front of him, would be willing and even eager to sacrifice their own life for the future freedom of others. Can I have a head? he asked, ignoring that no one budged an inch, he asked again Can I have a head? As traumatised as the crowd was, 5 brave idols put their life on the line by entering the tent that stood before them. All that the Tenth Master wanted were Saints and clearly realised that the majority of the crowd that stood before him, were anything but! The 5 beloved were revealed wearing turbans and unique suits for such an occasion. No one died, and no one was sacrificed – but the willingness and dignity of these 5 proves them to be pure idols, as they have now been baptised, that even the Tenth Master himself bowed down and admirably apologised to his people for not having the strength and courage that the 5 beloved clearly guaranteed – he wanted what they had. Equally, when Jesus put his people first by willingly sacrificing himself for the freedom of all Christians. So there you have it, the history of what we celebrate today, but you may still be wondering why the baptism of 5 people is such a great deal!

The Tenth Master grew up learning both Persian and Sanskrit, which later allowed him to be skilled in the arts of war. His so-called job was to uphold sanctity while destroying sin and evil. After the initiation ceremony in 1699, he said “Now there will be no human Gurus” – I’m not saying that he was implying that the evil lay between each leader, but there certainly was evil amongst society especially the inequality of men and women. This world is by no means a perfect planet, and nor is society; there are people that will judge you, torment you, show jealousy towards you, if everyone was perfect none of these would exist. But then again, if people were perfect you would never witness originality within our world, people would appear to be boring or simple, no one would have arguments and our planet would just be plain – that is why some things in life happen for the price of something/someone else. So, that is why we have to appreciate what we have without loathing what we don’t. The Earth spins at an angle, that isn’t perfection whereas some countries have no rain and others are drowning in it, I don’t see perfection there – nature itself has flaws! Men and women were never always been equal as you know, but now as a Sikh school, battling against all the hatred that was thrown at us, we prove that system wrong by having a female head teacher guiding a school of a different religion to herself, showing the strength that some never had.

With the school, I have been able to visit an old age home and even parliament. Before I joined this school last year, my knowledge of Sikhism was poor. I had no clue about your values, why you shouldn’t cut your hair and I didn’t even know that it was such a young religion. Physically, to a stranger outside of school I stand out because of my skin colour and religion but mentally and emotionally, I feel no different to the people I’m surrounded by. At the end of the day we are all people and no matter what you look like, we still function the same. Sometimes people cannot get over that fact, that’s when things such as jealousy and anger fall into play. But never let that put you down, your life has a purpose and don’t let anyone keep you from accomplishing that. Learn who you are and don’t let people treat you with disrespect and walk all over you. Get back up and show that those people are not worth your tears, you are better than society and make yourself known, stand out among others!

Great news ~ Recent HMI Visit

Dear Parents,

I am writing to let you know that Ms Lisa Moore, Her Majesty’s Inspector visited us on Wednesday 24th February, to monitor how well the school has progressed since the last inspection.

You will be pleased to hear that Ms Moore was very pleased with what we have been doing and the key findings of her visit recognise the progress we have made so far:

You, the senior leadership team and governors have taken swift action and focused school staff on improving the quality of teaching. The school’s improvement plan is sharply focused on the areas identified at the last inspection. The plan is the result of staff and governors working together effectively and demonstrates the shared drive and ambition for improvement. The actions that are planned and measures of success you have set are relevant and timely. Roles and responsibilities of staff are clearly outlined. Systems for checking the quality of teaching, learning and assessment are rigorous. Leaders show a secure understanding of the characteristics of teaching and learning needed to ensure that the school becomes good.”

Please see attached a full copy of the monitoring visit letter dated 10th March that she wrote to me.

We are indeed, proud of the journey we have made so far and we will continue to work hard, ready for the next full inspection.

I would like to take the opportunity to extend a warm thank you to you for your continued support.

Yours sincerely,

Mrs R Codling


Please click here to download a copy of the Report


Bright future for Khalsa Secondary Academy

Planning permission for our permanent premises has been granted by the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government.

We are pleased to announce that the school has been given final approval by Greg Clark, the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government, to remain at our current site in Hollybush Hill, Stoke Poges.

“We are naturally delighted with receiving the positive news of planning approval after a lengthy delay. This decision and the previous determination by the Secretary of State provides confidence to the parents and the school community that the school clearly meets the requirements for prior approval. The school is now in its third year of operation and is doing well according to recent inspection visits and current and prospective parents and pupils will be delighted to receive this news.”

Nick Kandola, Chair of Trustees.


Spring Newsletter

Please click here to download a copy of the Spring News Letter

12th February 2016

Dear Parents,

The first half of the spring term has been an extremely busy one for us all. Despite the cold weather, heavy rain and coughs and sneezes, we have a number of exciting events going on, some of which are highlighted in this end of term newsletter.

Congratulations to our Y10s for successfully completing their first half year exam assessments. The students all sat a full GCSE paper so, not only can we track their progress against their targets, but we can also help them prepare for the routines and procedures of public examinations.

The Y9s are also starting to prepare for their GCSE’s and thinking about option subjects, during a special evening for parents and students this week. This is an important time for both year groups with the focus on their academic progress being prevalent.

I am delighted that our students have been able to take part in a variety of different opportunities such as a recent theatre trip in conjunction with their GCSE text in English, many also had the opportunity of meeting and talking to a Peer of the Realm, Lord Rosser. Lord Rosser spoke to our student parliament about the importance of the House of Lords as part of our demographic rule.

Enrichment continues to thrive here at KSA and our students are involved in a wide range of activities. The year 7 vocals group have been practicing a new Shabad that they have learnt in just 10 weeks. They have asked if they can perform it to their parents in an assembly. So we would like to invite all year 7 parents to our assembly on Thursday 25th February from 8:05 – 8:30 and if you have time please stay behind and join us for some tea or coffee.

Thank you to the parents and students who took the time to complete our questionnaire on school lunches. We take all of your feedback and comments very seriously. As a result we are planning to introduce some changes to the menu as well as ways of reducing costs to make it cheaper without compromising on quality.

After half-term students will have the choice of a meal of the day and a pudding for just £2.25 (they may also have seconds if they wish) or there will be soup and roll for just £1.00 or a range of salads from the salad bar. We are also introducing a new deli-bar for those children who just want something quick like a filled baguette, a range of sandwiches or wraps with a piece of fruit for just £1.00 or if they want to they can add a combination of a filled baguette etc.… with a tub filled with fruit salad or vegetable croutons and dip (hummus/tomato salsa) or yoghurt for just £1.50.

Parents will continue to top up their child’s account using Parent Pay and children will continue to use their card, but as they swipe their card at lunch time they will only be charged for whatever combination that they have chosen. So any pupils who have lost their card must see us about having a replacement one issued. We intend to trial this from Monday 22nd February for the rest of the year. We will, however, be asking for your feedback and comments again on a regular basis.

By working together we can ensure that our young people can get a variety of choice, a wholesome nutritionally balanced diet at a cost that everyone can afford. If any parent would like to try the school lunches for themselves, just let us know and we can arrange for you to come in and try the meal of the day.

If you have any queries about this or anything else, please do not hesitate to contact me and I will get back to you. I hope you enjoy the rest of this newsletter.

I would like to wish you all a safe and happy half-term break and look forward to welcoming our students back on Monday 22nd February as normal.

Yours sincerely,

Mrs R Codling

Head Teacher