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 Mrs H K Sidhu ( Drama Teacher )  h.sidhu@khalsasecondaryacademy.com


At Khalsa Secondary Academy, Drama is:

  • Offered as a core subject in Years 7, 8 and 9.
  • Offered twice a week as an enrichment option in Drama club.
  • Provides students with the opportunity to participate in an annual production.
  • A GCSE subject from September 2016.


There are many opportunities for children to be involved in the Drama outside of the classroom. The Drama department will be offering the first school production in summer 2015 to celebrate the launch of Drama as a new subject at KSA. We also offer an enrichment Drama club twice a week for students to get the opportunity to enhance their performance skills and to consolidate their learning further in Drama. Students are also encouraged to visit the theatre and to experience live performances in a wide range of genres.

Our KS3 Drama curriculum is based upon our objectives and vision in Drama: which is developing student imagination, communication skills and creativity whilst assessing progress in the three essential areas of making, performing and responding in Drama.

In Key Stage 3 students will study the following:


All students in Year 7 have a one hour lesson of Drama per week. The course is designed to build skills and confidence. Units of study include:

  • Introduction to Drama
  • Drama techniques
  • Script work
  • Mime and movement
  • Work with Trestle Theatre Masks
  • Movie Trailers- ‘The haunted house’.


All students in Year 8 have a one hour lesson of Drama per week. The course is designed to build on skills taught in Year 7. Units of study include:


  • Storytelling
  • Improvisation
  • Comedy scheme
  • Physical Theatre
  • Mask work
  • Blood brothers

Drama will be offered as a GCSE option from September 2016.

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