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 Mr Beeston (Head of Department)  i.beeston@khalsasecondaryacademy.com
Mrs Dhillon ( Second in Charge /English Teacher )Currently on maternity leave j.dhillon@khalsasecondaryacademy.com
Mrs Patel (English Teacher) pr.patel@khalsasecondaryacademy.com
Miss Claydon (English & Drama Teacher) r.claydon@khalsasecondaryacademy.com
Miss Apenis (English & Drama Teacher) t.apenis@khalsasecondaryacademy.com

 The English faculty at KSA believes firmly that English is the most important subject in the school curriculum.
English is a pre-eminent world language, it is at the heart of our culture and it is the language medium in which most of our pupils think and communicate.

The English faculty at KSA is committed to creating students who are confident and secure in their grasp of English, students who are articulate and able to express themselves confidently in their spoken and written language.

The English faculty at KSA recognise that literacy skills are also crucial to pupils’ learning in other subjects across the curriculum and that in order to excel in their future careers that they must have the best writing, reading and communication skills possible.

Subject Overview:
The English faculty at KSA consists of a team of enthusiastic and committed graduate teachers in brand-new state-of-the-art specialist classrooms. The faculty is supported by a well-resourced library which all students visit each week for their Accelerated Reading lessons.

Students are encouraged to become independent in their thinking and the expression of their ideas and to take responsibility for their own learning.

There is a strong emphasis on all three main components of English, Speaking and Listening, Reading and Writing, in all lessons, and students are assessed regularly in all three areas.

Main Aims and Learning Objectives:
KSA Students are expected to:

  • Demonstrate skills in Speaking, Listening, Reading and Writing in order to communicate confidently, effectively, accurately and appropriately.
  • Select and adapt speech and writing to different situations and audiences.
  • Become critical and analytical readers of a wide range of literary texts, using their reading skills to develop themselves as writers.      
  • Express themselves as writers creatively, imaginatively and concisely.
  • Understand the impact of variations in language and how they relate to identity and cultural diversity.
  • Understand the patterns, structures and conventions of written and spoken English.

 KS3 Topics:
The English department work closely with our main feeder schools to ensure that we are building on the KS2 curriculum and the abilities of our students effectively as soon as they start in Year 7. This ensures students are suitably stretched and challenged in English from the start of their time at Khalsa Secondary Academy.
Students undertake a range of language and literature work each year, including a wide range of literary texts (novel, poetry and drama), non-fiction texts and media texts as preparation for the new GCSE courses.

 KS4 Topics:
All students at KSA study towards two GCSEs. These are English Language and English Literature.

English Language GCSE
Students will complete two exam papers for English Language GCSE and are assessed on both their reading and writing skills. All texts in the examinations will be unseen.
In addition to the two exams, students will also complete a separate unit on Spoken Language. This does not count towards the English Language GCSE but is a stand-alone qualification.

English Literature GCSE
Students will complete two exam papers for English Literature GCSE.

They will study a Shakespeare play, Macbeth, a 19th Century novel, A Christmas Carol, a range of themed poetry, and a modern prose or drama text e.g. An Inspector Calls or Animal Farm.

Post 16
The English faculty looks forward to offering OCR English Literature A Level with the introduction of its Sixth Form.

Like GCSE, there will be an opportunity to study a wide breadth of texts, including poetry, drama texts and prose. However students will get a great opportunity to study a much wider range of authors, poets and playwrights from around the world, including some of the greatest American writers of the twentieth century like Tennessee Williams and F Scott Fitzgerald.

The smaller groups and advanced level of study will mean our learners get to analyse and appreciate the texts at a much greater level, demonstrating a fuller understanding of a text’s themes, characters and messages.

Enrichment and Interventions:
The English faculty at KSA offers a wide range of enrichment and intervention activities to support learning.  These include activities such as:

  • Poetry and writing competitions.
  • Visiting authors and poets.
  • Theatre and Cinema trips.
  • After school revision and catch-up sessions.
  • Speaking competitions
  • National Poetry Day events in October
  • World Book Day events in March
  • Scholastic Book Fairs twice a year

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