English Literacy

The English Department at KSA

Department Contacts:

 Staff Name  Email Address
 Mr Beeston (Lead for English Department, English Teacher )  i.beeston@khalsasecondaryacademy.com
Mrs Dhillon ( English Teacher ) m.dhillon@khalsasecondaryacademy.com

Welcome to English here you will be able to view and download our departmental plans, schemes of work and other information regarding the curriculum.

Please find links below to information on what is happening in Literacy & How Parents can support their children:-

Exciting Project in English

General Election Project

Support Your Child in their Reading

Suggested Reading List KS3

Suggested Reading List KS4

We are regularly updating our website with current information. If you have any further questions please contact us via email: info@khalsasecondaryacademy.com or call us on 01753 662009