The Humanities curriculum at the Khalsa Secondary Academy is taught through the individual subjects of Geography and History.

The Geography and History curriculums is current, creative and modern. Pupils are taught about their place in the world; how it has been shaped by historical events and how our understanding of the past allows us to shape and direct our future on the planet. In order to help prepare our pupils for the dynamic society in which we live, the Humanities curriculum supports identity and cultural diversity, as well as supporting enterprise and community participation, global dimensions and sustainable development.

Pupils’ learning in Geography and History include valuable life skills; the art of dialogue, speaking and listening, conflict resolution and issue evaluation. The vision of the Humanities curriculum is to offer our pupils the best possible opportunity and understanding to make a difference in their own lives and those of others.

How many lessons will I have?
You will have two lessons of Geography and two lesson of History each week. Each lesson is one hour long.

All students are expected to continue studying at least one Humanities subject at GCSE level.

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