KSA Setting High Standards

 Congratulations to the following students on their outstanding A level results.  The 5 students below all  took  A level exams in Punjabi in June and achieved the following pass grades:

Jasnoor Kaur – A level – (age 15) at A*

Rasneet Kaur Devsi – AS level – (age 14) at A
Prabhjot Basram – AS level – (age 15) at B
Roop Cheema – AS level – (age 14) at B
And Jasmeet Kaur Basra – AS level – (age 14) at C

This is an amazing achievement for these young people some of whom have taken their A level exam 3 years earlier than would normally be expected.
Congratulations to them and their teachers as they have certainly set high standards.