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 Mr Neta (Head of Mathematics)
 Mrs Bains ( Second in charge /Mathematics Teacher )
Mrs Gill  (Mathematics Teacher)
Mr  Plahe  (Mathematics Teacher)
Mrs Glover  (Mathematics Teacher)

We believe that Mathematics is an essential and inevitable part of our everyday lives; it is a subject that should not be restricted to the confines of a classroom. Therefore, it is our goal to show the real world applications of the subject throughout our curriculum from year 7 up to and including GCSE and A Level Mathematics. Not only do we want our students to see the value of Mathematics, we also want them to enjoy it and achieve their full potential in the subject. We encourage every pupil to take an active and enthusiastic role in their lessons, learning through a variety of different teaching styles and using a mixture of guided discovery, ICT and traditional methods. We aim to develop each student’s problem solving skills and ability to think and work independently.

Key Stage 3
We follow the National Curriculum for the teaching of Mathematics in Year 7 and Year 8, which is supported by the use of the MyMaths, textbooks and online resource. It provides an excellent foundation for studying GCSE Mathematics while being varied, interesting and emphasising the real world applications of this fascinating subject. The course is split into three broad areas: Numbers and Algebra; Shape, Space and Measures; Handling Data. These areas are revisited in each year allowing for clear progression over the two years. By the end of Year 8 students should be able to draw connections between these three areas and communicate their ideas and reasoning in a clear and mathematical way.  In Year 9 our students begin to study topics from the GCSE Mathematics course.

We are following the Edexcel 2015 specification for GCSE Mathematics, which emphasises the importance of making connections between mathematical concepts and applying the functional elements of Mathematics to real life situations. The topics covered in the course build upon the topics that have been taught in Year 7 and Year 8, with the introduction of new topics that the students haven’t seen before. The course is examined in Year 11 through three papers, which includes a non-calculator paper and a calculator is permitted for the other papers.  We aim for majority of our students to study the Higher Tier course, which will eventually allow them to access the grades 9 to 4. The rest of the students sit the Foundation papers which allow them to access grades 1 to 5.

A Level
A Level Mathematics and Further Mathematics are fascinating courses that can provide a great challenge and sense of achievement for students who have a passion and interest in the subject.
By its nature, Mathematics often has clear real world applications and at other times can appear quite abstract. The A Level Mathematics and Further Mathematics courses that we offer, provided by Edexcel, reflect these two qualities. A Level Mathematics consists of 4 pure modules, involving abstract topics, and two applied modules, which focus on the application of Mathematics in the real world. Three modules are examined at the end of Year 12 (AS) and three at the end of Year 13 (A2). Each module is worth an equal proportion of the overall qualification.

A Level Further Mathematics is structured and examined in the same way; the only difference is that there are three applied modules and three pure modules. A Level Further Mathematics is a very challenging qualification, but is excellent preparation for students who are considering studying Mathematics, Statistics, Physics or Engineering at university.

Currently, exam results gained at the end of Year 12 will contribute to a student’s final grade at the end of Year 13 Form.  However, when the subject in reformed in September 2017, all examinations for the A Level qualifications will need to be taken at the end of Year 13.

Beyond the Classroom
Every year we offer our students the opportunity to take part in a national Maths Challenge at either Junior or Intermediate levels. We encourage our students to access various websites including mymaths.

“Mathematics expresses values that reflect the cosmos, including orderliness, balance, harmony, logic, and abstract beauty.”    Deepak Chopra

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