Modern Foreign Languages

The Modern Foreign Languages Department at KSA

 Department Contacts:

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 Mrs E Rosato ( MFL Teacher )
 Mrs R Bajwa ( Punjabi Teacher )

Modern Foreign Languages

Modern Foreign Languages are highly valued at Khalsa Secondary Academy and the MFL department strives to offer all its pupils the best possible experience in learning a foreign language. French, Spanish and Punjabi are taught at Khalsa Secondary Academy, while the Enrichment addition of Chinese (Mandarin) to the menu of languages on offer is an exciting development. As pupils learn to communicate in a foreign language, the range of skills they develop will equip them for life in an increasingly competitive global environment.

Our team of highly experienced teachers share a passion for languages which they are eager to pass on to their pupils through dynamic and engaging lessons and the wide array of cultural experiences that the trips abroad provide. The MFL department prides itself on its excellent results and on the high numbers of students who choose to study a foreign language at GCSE level.

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Scheme of Learning (SOL) Year 10 French

Scheme of Learning (SOL) Year 10 Punjabi

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