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Mrs Wilson ( Head of Science )
 Miss Patel (   Second in Department )
 Mr Dhariwal ( Science Teacher )

In Science, pupils will study a range of topics that explore concepts from Biology, Chemistry and Physics in everyday contexts. Within the Year 7, 8 & 9 curricula, there is an emphasis on both science-specific skills, such as analysing data and drawing conclusions, and those that will develop their learning across a range of subjects, e.g. communicating to diverse audiences and researching information from a variety of sources. Students will be given opportunities both in class and as part of projects to complete at home in order to develop their literacy, numeracy and ICT skills.

Students’ books will be taken in regularly by their teacher and they will receive feedback on their work. Feedback on how to improve will be provided. For each unit there will be a levelled assessment task which will focus on an individual skill, such as planning an investigation or communicating scientific ideas. At the end of the unit pupils will complete a short test comprising of both short answer and multiple choice questions. Pupils will receive levels ranging from 3-7 on these assessments. At the end of the year pupils will sit two exams based on everything they have been taught that academic year. Their overall achievement for the year will be sent to their parents in the form of school reports.

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For our current Year 9 students sitting the 2018 GCSE Science exams, please refer to the link below about the changes and draft specifications proposed for that year. As you will see, the specification has still only yet been drafted, and we will continue to teach GCSE content as planned from the start of this year to our Year 9 cohort to provide them with a head-start. This is will enable them to thoroughly prepare for their linear and final GCSE assessments in 2018.

The GCSE Science course students will be possibly undertaking are going to be either GCSE Combined Science: Triology (similar to Additional Science) or GCSE Biology/Chemistry/Physics (similar to Triple science). Please refer to the draft specification for further information about grading and content. Thank you.

New AQA GCSE Specification for Year 9 parents & pupils sitting the 2018 Exams:

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