What People Say About the School

Email from a Local Primary School Teacher

I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful experience that you and your lovely pupils laid on for us today.  The children were immersed and came back buzzing with their news for teachers and friends at school.

Note from a parent

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and all the teachers and admin staff at Khalsa for your help and continued support with settling my daughter into Khalsa secondary school.

When my daughter started Khalsa school she was very nervous and worried about fitting and settling in to this new world of secondary school, further enhanced by it being a religious ethos school (even though this is her heritage). She was upset to go to school every day as it was a world of difference from what she had been used to.

5 months on and I have to say it’s the best decision we ever made as parents. I aired my concerns early on to you and your staff, worrying that you might think I was a paranoid parent, but knowing my child and her shyness and conscientiousness I proceeded.

Both you and your staff listened to my concerns and went out of your way to put a support plan into place to help my daughter settle in, without bringing any unnecessary attention to her. She has now made many friends at school and looks forward to going to school each day giving me an excited update on her day every day, this is a big positive step!

My daughter has grown enormously in confidence in the last 5 months, her character is also blossoming, both in a ways I could have only hoped for 5 months ago. She is also doing very well academically.

I especially would like to thank yourself, Mrs Patel, Ms SIngh, Ms Thorogood, Mrs Gatehouse, Mr Robinson and Mr Beeston.

Keep working the magic that you do and I will always be an ambassador for such a worthy school.

A New Parent, Stoke Poges

Firstly, I have to say a big thank you to you and your team ( the KSA staff) for giving my son in y7 and daughter in Y8 an opportunity of a life time. I have my happy relaxed children back!! Sure, they are exhausted when they come home but they are happy, well fed and feel like they have learnt something.

I have browsed through the children’s school books and I’m astounded at the level, quantity and quality of daughter’s maths workbook. Fantastic!! Both children are enjoying Maths and my son especially is enjoying the ‘merits’, something much needed to provide that drive and hunger for maths.

I have my little reader bee back, my daughter has her nose buried in a book nonstop. My son is now following slowly too. I really am so impressed with the amount of reading they do and think that reading before a lesson is a genius idea.

We are Non Sikhs but the children enjoy going to the Gurdwara and have felt no pressure in joining in, it has brought about a sense of peace with both of my children.

Both children are enjoying the science lessons tremendously, my Son in particular loves the way things get explained. My daughter has built up a good relationship with the science teacher as he is also her tutor.

My son’s tutor has been a fantastic support to my son, as well as a brilliant English teacher to both daughter and son.

Once again, a big thank you to all your staff for all their efforts in supporting daughter and son – I know I have not mentioned every subject / teacher individually, I do apologise for that but the gratitude is for all staff and subject teachers.