School Vision

The purpose of our school is to provide an excellent educational experience that enables our young people to understand the world they will inherit so that they can change it for the better. This is underpinned by three key commitments to excellence:

Our vision is articulated through three themes:

Khalsa Secondary School aims to provide an exceptional academic education and encourage a passion for life-long learning. But, more than this, following the Khalsa way means working to the best of your ability with honesty, integrity and self-discipline. This is what we inspire our students to do.

Khalsa Secondary School will foster all aspects of personal development and encourage students to take a life-long journey of self-discovery. The principles of Khalsa will support students in undertaking this journey towards purity of spirit by self-reflection and meditation.

Khalsa Secondary School will inspire students to share their future skills, knowledge and income with those in need, with love and charity and without discrimination.

The Khalsa Secondary School is a happy and inclusive school, where students of all faiths and none are respected and supported. The Sikh faith is emphatic in respecting all beliefs, and does not seek to convert.

Whilst the Khalsa School is a Sikh faith school, we provide an environment for those that wish to follow any faith as well as those that do not have a faith. Facilities are provided for those pupils that wish to participate in a morning prayers linked with their faith.

A multi-faith room is available for all non-Sikhs who wish to participate in their own prayers at the school. All prayers are followed by a whole school assembly where all children will join together to participate in a whole school message.

The Schools Vision includes the provision of a traditional sports curriculum which will include equestrian, archery, martial arts and athletics.